For who don’t know….Wilhelmina Slater is a fictional character in the American series “Ugly Betty”. She is played by Vanessa Williams.I love her,she is an amazing actress and she play the part of the Fashion Devil so good! Wilhelmina is the primary antagonist in the series,she can use everybodyfor her own advantageand is willing to go to any lengths to further her goals of power and domination.!!!!! But she is also so funny!!!!
FASHION AND STYLE: Much of the sophistcated wardrobe of Wilhelmina have the colors: white,silver,gold and brown.
The character is inspired by Vogue editor ANNA WINTOUR,who like Wilhelmina is notorious for her demanding elitism.
JUST ONE OF THE BEST FICTIONAL CHARACTER IN A MODE AND FASHION SERIES. And for you??? what do you thinking about??let me know!!! 🙂Εικόνα 011

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