hi world…

today we will enjoy one different post……..thanks to EtailPR that sand me one email about this…..and thanks to the website in love with fashion…

So girls are you readyyyyyy??? :)))))) i  don’t begin crazy..don’t worry….but now i will talk with you about FOOTBALL!!! 😉

For 2 reason.

1 reason: (personal reason sorry) ahahahhah…..Italy win the match with Czech Republic so we will go directly in Brazil for the mundial 2014!!! WELL DONE!!

2 REASON: (this is the REALLY REASON about this post)…let’s talk about one special football match…a CHARITY FOOTBALL MATCH:

CELEBRITY VS THE ARSENAL LEGENDS TEAM… support of The Prince’s Trust and The Arsenal Foundation.

Where??? Finchley Wingate Stadium, North London,

When??? Sunday 29th September 2013.

Here sweety is the link with all the informations..: in love with fashion .

So girls…what we waittttttt???? let’s leave our boyfriends on the sofa at home..and let’s go to this Charity Match…a good reason for onnnnn…what girls can do inside one stadium???? of course watch handsome mennnnnnnn but for a good cause!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we find something better???? ;))))))))))

click on the link and you will read all the informations about this GREAT NICE EVENT. 🙂

i hope you enjoy the post..don’t forget this day Sunday 29th September 2013…all together at the stadium for a good cause!!!!

kiss kiss to all of youuuuuuuu. Nunù.